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Allison has been creating art throughout her entire life, and began tattooing in her hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She finds tattooing to be a unique creative outlet that allows for all of her past experience in various mediums to come together. Although she is a versatile artist, she prefers to work in her distinct style, including fine-lines and blackwork stippling. Allison is a mother and caretaker by nature. Her vision of creating Moon Rae Tattoo was to curate a peaceful environment for the community that is a safe place for clients and artists to express themselves.

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resident artist

Hailing from just across the Iowa border, Sierra Nicole began tattooing in Sioux Falls in 2017. Joining Ally Rae in her vision for Moon Rae Tattoo, she believes passionately in the shop's mission to create a comfortable, welcoming space for every body. Sierra embraces the idea that tattooing is an art form that can heal, empower, and help people reclaim their ability to tell their own stories.  A student of architecture, she finds joy in the collaboration and beauty of creating something unique and personal to each client. Her style is fluid and always changing, but she especially enjoys dynamic linework and stippling- tattooing mostly flora, fauna, and occult imagery. She spends her free time watching cartoons, eating, and cuddling her cat. 

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resident artist

Erin Bennett has been tattooing professionally in Sioux Falls for over 15 years.  She is versed in both color work and black and gray, particularly enjoying elements of pop culture; video games, tv shows, cartoons, and books.  Committed to quality work and client care, she is excited to work in a female owned shop.  Cooking, video games and knitting are favorite hobbies, along with raising two energetic kids alongside her fantastic husband.  


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resident artist

Morgan is a versatile artist in and outside of tattooing. Growing up she always had an interest in creating art, starting mostly with paintings and drawings. She graduated high school in 2012 and went on to graduate from Wayne State College, earning a Bachelor's degree in studio art. Morgan moved from Nebraska to Sioux Falls in 2017 to be closer to her partner and quickly formed strong bonds within the art and tattoo communities. She began her apprenticeship in November of 2019 and has been tattooing full time since September of 2020. Morgan enjoys toying with several different styles and loves when she is given the freedom to put her own psychedelic twist on things. When not tattooing, Morgan enjoys pottery, making collages, traveling, live music and spending time with her partner.

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